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May 10, 2013. No comments.

It was great to attend the Brighton Summit Un-Conference organised by Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce in April, we presented there generic drug that will be useful for those men who have problems with potency. As well as doing a spot of networking and catching up with a few friends, I heard talks by Brighton author Peter James and many business owners from the City. I was particularly inspired by Sam Roddick, daughter of the late Sussex business woman Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop. Sam reminded us too run our businesses sticking to our own principles, remembering why we created our own businesses in the first place and how vital it to to work with other local businesses.

While we have always used local suppliers and freelancers, we probably hadn’t done enough in the past to work along side other local businesses. Of course, it is great to work with companies around the UK or even the world and we hope to continue to do so for a long time to come, but we are going to also try to do more to work with other Sussex based companies. Within days of the Brighton Summit we joined the Brighton and Hove Chamber and became full members of Wired Sussex. We hope that, alongside our membership of the Design Business Association, this shows how committed we are to the local area and to running an ethical design business.

We have also been busy networking online with other Sussex businesses during #sussexhour on Twitter (every Thursday between 8.30 – 9.30pm). This is a great opportunity to chat with the many diverse businesses scattered around the country. As this weekly event grows it’s easy to get carried away and often find that an hour just isn’t long enough!

We love working with Sussex businesses of all sizes, helping them grow and promoting this wonderful area of the country.

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