Logo and Website Design for The Made By Company

After previously working with Chris and Katie Lawler on their Mountain Spaces website, we were their first choice when they wanted a logo and website design for their new venture The Made By Company.

The aim of The Made By Company was to have an amazing website full of beautiful handcrafted gifts bought to you by 100’s of talented crafters, where you will be able to purchase the perfect present for friends and family… that something special, with a unique and personalised touch.

The first thing was to get the logo design finalised before working on the website. We had to make the site look attractive as well as making it intuitive and easy to use for all levels of computer users who would be the websites customers.

We are pleased with the logo and website design we created for The Made By Company and although we didn’t develop the site we feel that Samson Website Design did a great job of turning our designs into a final website.

Visit the Made By Company website.