Reflections On The First Year Of Business

June 11, 2011. No comments.

At the beginning of May 2010, I left the security – though fairly miserable existence – I had in my full time employment to set up my own design agency, Simply Marvellous Creative Ltd. I’d never run any type of business before or even been close to anyone who had so it was all new to me.

A year on the business is still going and still growing. I can count the days that I have felt stressed, in the last twelve months, on one hand where in employment I was feeling increasingly stressed most days. I am rarely sick and in the last year I haven’t missed one day through illness. The year has also flown by – there’s not been a moment that I have been bored or a day when I haven’t had some work to do. I also feel that the happiness I am now feeling from running my own agency is reflecting in the work that I am creating – probably the best that I have ever done.

Looking back over the past year, as if maintaining the business isn’t enough, there have been a few achievements for which I am immensely proud:

  • Simply Marvellous Creative have worked with businesses large and small within all business sectors
  • We continue to work with some great musicians – CDs with our names on can now be purchased on the high street
  • Our clients have given us some great testimonials and all of them have recommended us to other people
  • Simply Marvellous Creative were shortlisted and then came third in the Seahaven Business Awards (an area that covers the Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford areas of Sussex)
  • Our clients keep coming back for more

While the first year of trading was something of a success I know there are areas in which we must improve. There are new places in which I want my company to go, new things that I want to do and offer. I know that in order to continue to be a success Simply Marvellous Creative must grow.

I have written a list of businesses, musicians and organisations with who I’d like to work and plan to create a mailing to send to these people in the coming months. These aren’t just big companies either, some are people or places I like and would, for personal reasons, like to call clients of the company.

I think I have proved a few doubters wrong by making Simply Marvellous Creative work. I’m looking forward to the second year of business and already there are some amazing things happening. Thank you to all of those that have supported us and I look forward to sharing the companies successes with you in the future.

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