Working with Sussex Businesses

May 10, 2013. No comments.

It was great to attend the Brighton Summit Un-Conference organised by Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce in April, we presented there generic drug that will be useful for those men who have problems with potency. As well as doing a spot of networking and catching up with a few friends, I heard talks by Brighton author Peter James and many business owners from the City. I was particularly inspired by Sam Roddick, daughter of the late Sussex business woman Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop. Sam reminded us too run our businesses sticking to our own principles, remembering why we created our own businesses in the first place and how vital it to to work with other local businesses. While we have always used local suppliers and freelancers, we probably hadn't done enough in the past to work along side other local businesses. Of course, it is great [read on]

Peace One Day Concert – Live Stream

September 21, 2012. No comments.

You can watch a live stream of the Peace One Day Global Truce Celebration Concert featuring Elton John and James Morrison here, on this very page. Tune in at 7.30pm London time to catch this amazing show.

What’s (still) so funny about Peace, Love & Understanding?

September 21, 2012. No comments.

Two years ago today I wrote a blog called "What's So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding?", named after the Elvis Costello song. Basically, it was a rant. The 21st September every year for more than a decade has been recognised by every member of the UN as International Peace Day. But who knew? On the whole the public are unaware that the day even exists and successive governments of the leading the nations have failed to take up the opportunity to let their people aware that they support the day. Thanks to Wordpress putting it on their Freshly Pressed page, a couple of thousand people read it and liked it and some thanked me for letting them know about the day. Nothing has really changed since I posted that blog two years ago though so I'm going to repost it today, update it where necessary and try to make a difference [read on]

Favourite Reads: Red Shift

July 13, 2012. No comments.

Many many years ago, aged about fifteen, I left my local library (Wickford in Essex) with a pile of books. I can't remember many books I read as a teenager but one, Alan Garner's Red Shift, was amongst that pile and one which I fell in love with immediately. I'd previously read Garner's The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon Of Gomrath aged ten in class so knew he was a great author. I didn't realise that he had also written a book so different and so fascinating that I would still be reading it twenty five years later. In fact, Red Shift is so incredible that I've probably read it every three or four years. And I have no reason to doubt that I'll continue to do so for the rest of my life. In fact, I'm just about to start reading it again and I'm very [read on]

MySpace. DeadSpace. A waste of space place?

October 13, 2011. No comments.

MySpace, dear old MySpace. What are we to do with you? For a couple of years now MySpace has been losing users by the millions. It seems nobody has a good word to say about it anymore. And that's understandable: you only have to visit it's homepage to be bombarded with big images, movie clips and in your face advertising. Once logged in it's interface is slow to load and clumsy to do anything with. What once was the only website to be seen on, has now become a graveyard of unused profile pages; pages left because nobody can be bothered to go in and delete them. There was a time when I couldn't even visit it because, due to the amount of movie files and flash activity, it would crash my computer. Launched in 2003, MySpace was for a few years the leading social networking site until it was overtaken [read on]

Back in the playground

October 10, 2011. No comments.

I've blogged before about Twitter and how sometimes it can be like the best place in the world to chat with friends, share some banter with like minded people you've never met (and often are never likely to), express feelings - good or bad - about a product, service, TV programme, CD or person. Twitter is also a great place to do business - my company has gained several new clients and made many more valuable contacts as a result of using the micro-blogging site. Twitter is also a nasty place; with it's little cliques, it's bullying, name calling and general cattyness, it's the school playground of the internet. There's groups of people who tweet constantly but if you try and comment on something they've said and you'll be lucky to get a response in return. Celebrities can have thousands of followers but only follow back there friends and family. [read on]

The Best Job In The World

June 25, 2011. No comments.

Back in 1988, and living in Cambridgeshire, everybody was talking about a local band who were sure to be big stars soon. The name of the band were The Bible and there songs Graceland and Honey be Good were regularly played on local radio stations. In November of that year, I was lucky enough to see them play a gig at the very fine Corn Exchange in the lovely city of Cambridge. It was a great show. I can remember moments of that particular show than I can of some I've been to more recently (I recall, for example, they opened the show with very splendid Skywriting). With talented musicians and songwriters among them, why they didn't become bigger is anybody's guess. A lot of people seem to remember and like the two songs mentioned above despite neither of them making the Top 40. The band didn't last very long after [read on]

Reflections On The First Year Of Business

June 11, 2011. No comments.

At the beginning of May 2010, I left the security - though fairly miserable existence - I had in my full time employment to set up my own design agency, Simply Marvellous Creative Ltd. I'd never run any type of business before or even been close to anyone who had so it was all new to me. A year on the business is still going and still growing. I can count the days that I have felt stressed, in the last twelve months, on one hand where in employment I was feeling increasingly stressed most days. I am rarely sick and in the last year I haven't missed one day through illness. The year has also flown by - there's not been a moment that I have been bored or a day when I haven't had some work to do. I also feel that the happiness I am now feeling from [read on]

Just Like My Dreams…

May 9, 2011. No comments.

I've always been a West Ham United supporter. Both my mother and father's families were supporters and so, as a child, I didn't ever consider following any other team. It's true that for most of my lifetime, they haven't been a fashionable team to support but up until recently, with seemingly one "scandal" after another making us more and more unpopular with other teams, they were always a team most people had very little against. This season hasn't been great and it's seen us languishing at the arsehole end of the premiership week in, week out. It seems likely that we'll go down and, though it does hurt me to say it, we probably deserve it. You can blame the manager and the owners if you like - most will - but the players have to take responsibility for their inabilities on the pitch and it shouldn't take the likes of [read on]