The Best Job In The World

June 25, 2011. No comments.

Back in 1988, and living in Cambridgeshire, everybody was talking about a local band who were sure to be big stars soon. The name of the band were The Bible and there songs Graceland and Honey be Good were regularly played on local radio stations. In November of that year, I was lucky enough to see them play a gig at the very fine Corn Exchange in the lovely city of Cambridge. It was a great show. I can remember moments of that particular show than I can of some I’ve been to more recently (I recall, for example, they opened the show with very splendid Skywriting).


With talented musicians and songwriters among them, why they didn’t become bigger is anybody’s guess. A lot of people seem to remember and like the two songs mentioned above despite neither of them making the Top 40.

The band didn’t last very long after that, though have reformed a couple of times since for one off gigs and a new album. Lead singer Boo Hewerdine, as well as working on his own solo career has written songs for Natalie Imbruglia, Paul Young, Suggs and, most notably, Eddi Reader who made hits out his songs Patience of Angels and Joke. Bible guitarist Neill Macoll is a successful session musician currently touring the world with David Gray while Tony Shepherd lectures in music in Sussex.

The Bible are reforming in 2011 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album, Walking The Ghost Back Home. Initially, the band have lined up two shows and a digitally remastered version of the album but it is hoped that they may stay together long enough to record some music too.

And the point behind this blog? Well, having worked on Boo Hewerdine’s website a couple of years ago (and a few projects since), I was asked to design and build The Bible’s official website and which makes me think how lucky I am to be working with musicians I love and which twenty-odd years ago I could only dreamed of working on (not least because, back then, nobody had even heard of a website!).

I often think I have the bloody best job in the world.

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