Back in the playground

October 10, 2011. No comments.

I’ve blogged before about Twitter and how sometimes it can be like the best place in the world to chat with friends, share some banter with like minded people you’ve never met (and often are never likely to), express feelings – good or bad – about a product, service, TV programme, CD or person. Twitter is also a great place to do business – my company has gained several new clients and made many more valuable contacts as a result of using the micro-blogging site.

Twitter is also a nasty place; with it’s little cliques, it’s bullying, name calling and general cattyness, it’s the school playground of the internet. There’s groups of people who tweet constantly but if you try and comment on something they’ve said and you’ll be lucky to get a response in return. Celebrities can have thousands of followers but only follow back there friends and family. You kind of think, if they are only going to bother talking to these dozen or so people, then why bother with Twitter at all. Surely the whole point is to get closer to their fans otherwise why have your conversation in public? Just text or phone.

Quite often these aren’t even major celebrities but often former soap actors who you’d think, if their inflated ego’s weren’t getting in the way, should be grateful for a bit of attention from people who still know or care who they are.

On the flipside there are many celebrities that have embraced the full power of social media and use it to their advantage. Singer Leddra Chapman, for example, may not follow back everyone but she does tweet herself as well as responding to questions from fans. As well as Twitter, Leddra uses Facebook very well, keeping fans up to date as well as frequent impromptu, late night web-cam concerts. There’s others as well but Leddra springs to mind because I’ve been in conversation with her recently.

And then there are those people on Twitter who only use it for self promotion. We’ve had them in our timelines, tweet after tweet of the same old thing. Often the same message, or a slight variation, posted time and time again with no personality at all. Or there’s those people who only retweet posts about themselves or retweet retweets they tweeted about themselves…

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