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Peace One Day Concert – Live Stream

September 21, 2012. No comments.

You can watch a live stream of the Peace One Day Global Truce Celebration Concert featuring Elton John and James Morrison here, on this very page. Tune in at 7.30pm London time to catch this amazing show.

Peace One Day

September 21, 2012. No comments.

Once again, Simply Marvellous Creative are keen to show their support for the incredible work of Peace One Day on UN recognised Peace Day - 21st September. Please also show your support by visiting their website or Facebook page You can read more about our support for the campaign in our blog

What’s (still) so funny about Peace, Love & Understanding?

September 21, 2012. No comments.

Two years ago today I wrote a blog called "What's So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding?", named after the Elvis Costello song. Basically, it was a rant. The 21st September every year for more than a decade has been recognised by every member of the UN as International Peace Day. But who knew? On the whole the public are unaware that the day even exists and successive governments of the leading the nations have failed to take up the opportunity to let their people aware that they support the day. Thanks to Wordpress putting it on their Freshly Pressed page, a couple of thousand people read it and liked it and some thanked me for letting them know about the day. Nothing has really changed since I posted that blog two years ago though so I'm going to repost it today, update it where necessary and try to make a difference [read on]