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The Best Job In The World

June 25, 2011. No comments.

Back in 1988, and living in Cambridgeshire, everybody was talking about a local band who were sure to be big stars soon. The name of the band were The Bible and there songs Graceland and Honey be Good were regularly played on local radio stations. In November of that year, I was lucky enough to see them play a gig at the very fine Corn Exchange in the lovely city of Cambridge. It was a great show. I can remember moments of that particular show than I can of some I've been to more recently (I recall, for example, they opened the show with very splendid Skywriting). With talented musicians and songwriters among them, why they didn't become bigger is anybody's guess. A lot of people seem to remember and like the two songs mentioned above despite neither of them making the Top 40. The band didn't last very long after [read on]

Reflections On The First Year Of Business

June 11, 2011. No comments.

At the beginning of May 2010, I left the security - though fairly miserable existence - I had in my full time employment to set up my own design agency, Simply Marvellous Creative Ltd. I'd never run any type of business before or even been close to anyone who had so it was all new to me. A year on the business is still going and still growing. I can count the days that I have felt stressed, in the last twelve months, on one hand where in employment I was feeling increasingly stressed most days. I am rarely sick and in the last year I haven't missed one day through illness. The year has also flown by - there's not been a moment that I have been bored or a day when I haven't had some work to do. I also feel that the happiness I am now feeling from [read on]