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Just Like My Dreams…

May 9, 2011. No comments.

I've always been a West Ham United supporter. Both my mother and father's families were supporters and so, as a child, I didn't ever consider following any other team. It's true that for most of my lifetime, they haven't been a fashionable team to support but up until recently, with seemingly one "scandal" after another making us more and more unpopular with other teams, they were always a team most people had very little against. This season hasn't been great and it's seen us languishing at the arsehole end of the premiership week in, week out. It seems likely that we'll go down and, though it does hurt me to say it, we probably deserve it. You can blame the manager and the owners if you like - most will - but the players have to take responsibility for their inabilities on the pitch and it shouldn't take the likes of [read on]