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Start Up Britain

March 30, 2011. One comment.

Yesterday I was drawn to an article in design magazine Creative Review's daily email about the StartUp Britain website. I hadn't heard of the site before but have since found out that it was an initiative launched on Monday 28th. CR's article pointed out that although the StartUp Britain initiative was all about helping British business, and especially new businesses, to grow, the "create a logo" link on the site pointed users towards - a "crowdsourcing" website based in the US where many people present their ideas but only the chosen designer gets payment. And that payment is small. I was as outraged as everyone else. And I don't get outraged that easily. Like so many others I couldn't see how this was helping British businesses to grow. We should all be working together, sharing our knowledge, helping each other out surely? A directory of businesses able to offer design services [read on]