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Bands and brands.

February 26, 2011. One comment.

I started to think about bands and brands this morning. Some seem to have their own logo while others don't. It doesn't seem to matter - some of the biggest bands in the world over the last fifty years haven't had their own brand while others make sure they use their logo on everything. Whether its for a manufacturer of baked beans or the latest pop sensation, a brand gives a sense of uniformity across all marketing platforms. For a band this could be CDs, advertising, websites, flyers, T-shirts and other clothing lines, badges and calendars. It gives the fan a recogniseable image to align themselves. If trademarked it could also limit pirated merchandise. I looked through books and my own record collection to find some bands that have built up their own brands. Interestingly the britpop era of the '90s saw a lot bands using a logo. Many of the bands [read on]

A 24-hour window of hope & opportunity

February 9, 2011. No comments.

As you sit there in your home or office, I hope that you feel safe and warm. It's comforting to know isn't it that, anytime you want, you are able to take a walk outside, maybe do a bit of shopping. If you or your children are sick you can get to a doctors or hospital relatively easily where you would hopefully be prescribed the medication or given the treatment required. Look out of a window now and you probably see relative calm. People walking by without too many worries. But let's change that scenario quite dramatically. In fact, you'd better come away from that window quick because there's a sniper out there or worse are the shells landing indiscriminately all around. There's not much glass left in the window but if that blows out you wouldn't want to be stood too close. Probably safest to be sheltered somewhere safe. The room [read on]