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Blue Monday. How does it feel?

January 17, 2011. 2 comments.

Today we are being told by psychology experts (and probably the Daily Mail) that, because it's the third Monday of January, we can all expect to be depressed. It's the day we all realise that Christmas is a distant memory, that it's a couple of weeks until pay day, that we all hate our jobs and that we have already failed our new years resolutions. Now I don't like Mondays any more than most but I like them a lot more now that I'm working for myself doing a job I love and that seems to love me. Today, before I even knew it was "blue monday", knowing that it takes me a while to get going at the start of the week, I arranged a couple of meetings - work related but still little more than a catch up over coffee. I'm back in the office in the time for [read on]

Ten Ways Any Company Can Go Green

January 6, 2011. 3 comments.

Happy New Year! We often see the start of a new year as the opportunity to make resolutions whether they are to give something up or do something differently. Over the last couple of years a lot of businesses big or small might have thought about doing more for the environment but felt that it's too difficult or too expensive to change or adopt "green" working practises. In truth it doesn't have to be either as the list below will, hopefully, illustrate. In fact your business could save money. So, why not use the start of the new year to turn over that new leaf? 1 - Stop using staples. Reusable fasteners like paper clips or old school treasury tags are a far better option than staples and if everyone working in UK offices stopped using staples we would save 120 tonnes of metal each year. 2 - Use energy-efficient light bulbs. A [read on]