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Best Music in 2010

December 24, 2010. One comment.

OK, I've escaped from the kids constantly asking what the time is and when is Santa coming to get in front of the computer and try to compile the obligatory "Best Albums of 2010" list. I've not bought that much new music this year but out of what I have bought, there has been some incredible music released - albums that have made a huge impact on me and which I will continue to play for years to come. I'm not sure the order of these is correct, things like that change regularly, but I'll make a stab at it anyway: 1: Natalie Merchant - Leave Your Sleep - I just can't stop playing this. Seeing her live was one of the highlights of the year too. 2: Crowded House - Intriguer - Back to there very best. 3: Rumer - Seasons of My Soul - Just lovely 4: Goldfrapp - Headfirst - [read on]

Oh! Twitter, I Love you!

December 20, 2010. 2 comments.

Twitter. Some people love it, some people hate it. Me? I love it. As a small business owner it's been an invaluable tool for me. My design agency, Simply Marvellous Creative, launched officially in May 2010 and since then I have used Twitter to meet new friends and new business contacts. It's like networking in real life without the awkward silences and it's obligatory exchanging of business cards. As not the most confident of people, I get quite nervous about meeting new people and attending new networking events so Twitter has been a godsend - getting to know people online before meeting them in the flesh gives me something to talk about. Twitter has also bought me at least two quite significant pieces of work including the website for Brighton-based singer/songwriter Emily Baker and also the artwork for her debut album, House of Cards. This week, I have also [read on]

Argh! Twitter, I hate you so much!

December 20, 2010. 2 comments.

Twitter. Some people love it, some people hate it. Me? I hate it. As the owner of a design agency, Simply Marvellous Creative, Twitter has, at times, been a drain on resources. A huge distraction. At other times it has been the source of massive frustration and annoyance. Often Twitter reminds me of a school playground: hiding in one corner you have the nasty kids - not necessarily bullies but who think they are generic cialis uk better than everyone else, then there's the little cliques, the teachers are there and finally you have the majority who play fair, will try to get on with everyone but are often those who lose out or suffer the most. There's the celebrities who love to tell you which of their foreign holiday home or swanky office they are residing in that particular moment. Who will retweet upon request [read on]

Remembering Lennon

December 8, 2010. One comment.

So, it was thirty years ago today. Thirty years since John Lennon was murdered outside his New York City home. Three decades and yet I can still vividly remember that morning, as a nine year old, getting up for school as usual, but going downstairs to find my mum in floods of tears. It's only now, as an adult that I can really begin to comprehend how she must have felt that morning when first her sister on the phone and then the radio broke the most unexpected of news. We can acknowledge Lennon now as someone who, along with the other members of The Beatles, changed not just the world of music but the world full stop. But to her Lennon was someone who had changed her world, who had made her childhood, her teenage years so much better. So exciting. It's difficult to imagine living at that time. [read on]

Reading Books: good for your health and head

December 3, 2010. No comments.

Cold, snowy weather outside but toasty warm indoors, thick jumpers and slippers, makes perfect weather for just staying in bed, curling up in your favourite comfy armchair or sprawling out on the sofa with a cosy duvet and reading a good book for hours. Maybe all day. It sounds perfect doesn't it? I'd love to do it. I've got shelves full of unread novels I'm still waiting for the time to read but I fear that by spending a day with by nose hidden in the pages of one would leave me branded as being lazy and, in the way I can see that - there's work to be and spending hours reading a book doesn't get the bills paid. However, people who read would probably agree with me that totally absorbing oneself in a book allows you to completely relax, to escape into another world, slip into a different [read on]

This footballing nation deserves the World Cup

December 2, 2010. One comment.

Today we find out if England gets the football World Cup in 2018. The big guns of David Cameron, Prince William, David Beckham and Sir Bobby Charlton have been sent to Zurich to present the countries case for why we should get to host the party. They've also sent over John Barnes and Andy Cole presumably to run errands and hold the papers for the important ones. Personally I think it would be an injustice if we didn't get it but there are obvious arguments either way which makes it such a difficult call to make. Football, or Soccer if you really must, is the national sport of this great nation. Most believe we invented the beautiful game but no-one disputes the fact that we've been playing it competitively for something like 150 years. Thousands of men and women play the game either in a friendly or professional capacity each week, [read on]