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Harry Enfield

September 28, 2010. No comments.

A new series of Harry & Paul starts on TV tonight featuring, of course comedy legends Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. As far as I'm concerned, Enfield can do no wrong - except maybe that series he made for Sky a few years ago but we'll wash over that one - and it's must-see television. I've spent the last twenty years watching Harry Enfield from the glory days of Saturday Live featuring Stavros and Loadsamoney to the, well, erm, glory days of The Harry Enfield show that featured Kevin The Teenager and Wayne and Waynetta Slob. And how can we forget Smashey & Nicey, the scousers, Tim Nice-But-Dim, Tory Boy and from the most recent series the fantastic sketches featuring the scaffolders, the polish coffee shop owners and the brilliant lozol shop called "I Saw You Coming". Consider if you will the phrases invented [read on]

Bring Back Sundays

September 26, 2010. One comment.

So, here we are. Sunday. Another Sunday. The end of another week. The day of rest. A time for families to get together... The day of rest? Don't make the laugh. For the past couple of decades, Sunday has been anything but a day of rest. Back in 1994 when shops in the UK were given the legal right to open for limited trading times on a Sunday, everybody thought it was a great idea. Myself included. Now, having lived with it for 16 years, I personally think it was a terrible idea and we should go back to having just newsagents, convenience stores and garden centres open. To me, legalising Sunday shopping was the beginning of the end for family and moral values, for the lack of respect the children and young people have for society and has probably impacted on the rise in crime and yob culture in this [read on]

Is it time to stop talking about saving the planet?

September 24, 2010. One comment.

Everybody has there own opinion on the environment and climate change. Some say it's happening, some say it's not. It's true that for every piece of information suggesting that the planet is warming, there are others that say that there's no need to panic. The world is made up of believers and sceptics and that's true of all things no just environmental issues. Personally, I'm in the camp that does believe we need to do more but I'm not fanatical about it. I believe as individuals, as well as in groups and nations we could do more not just to slow down any change in climate but in order to save resources and reduce waste. Over the last twenty years, the majority of the Western World and the richest countries have been wasteful. We have become accustomed to lifestyle that thinks nothing of throwing away bags of rubbish or leaving things [read on]

Move over Richard Branson?

September 23, 2010. No comments.

I launched my company, Simply Marvellous Creative, to the world back in May. After more than 15 years working for other people I was given the opportunity to start out on my own and I grabbed it. Over the years, I've worked in just about all areas of graphic design from logos to advertising (including some TV) through to posters, flyers, brochures and websites. The service that Simply Marvellous Creative encapsulates all of these skills with lower overheads and therefore reduced costs to my clients. Since starting the company I have been very fortunate to work on several CD covers and music related projects for some great musicians including Frances Ruffelle (Eponine from the original West End production of Les Miserables), Kami Thompson (the beautiful and talented daughter of folk royalty Richard and Linda Thompson), Icelandic pop singer Hafdis Huld, Hermione Hennessy (daughter [read on]


September 22, 2010. 6 comments.

It looked at one point like it was going to be a fairly normal day but yesterday actually ended a bit crazy. With it being International Peace Day, I planned to do two things for the cause: change my company's homepage to reflect Peace Day and, using their logo, link people to the Peace One Day website and various social media outlets. I then planned to use my own Twitter and Facebook account to make my own friends and followers aware of the day and the cause. I didn't plan to blog about it, I'd already introduced Peace One Day in a blog a few weeks ago. By late morning however, frustrated that many people didn't seem interested in the cause at all, I did blog. I vented my frustration. I didn't spend any time planning it - what came out of my mind went straight into [read on]

What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?

September 21, 2010. 76 comments.

So, here we are - 21st September 2010 - the international day of the peace, recognised annually by all member states of the UN (which incidentally includes Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran) for the last ten years. But who knew? Certainly if you followed me on any social media network you would know because I've been bombarding all my connections with the messages of, not-for-profit and founders of Peace Day, Peace One Day for the last few weeks but otherwise it seems the decade old message of the organisation just aren't getting through. In a world where a fairly average musician whose only talent seems to be in gaining publicity for herself can have over 18,000,000 "Likes" on Facebook, how can Peace One Day - whose sole purpose is to gain recognition for it's cause of trying create peace around the world - be struggling to get 50,000 people [read on]