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Three annoying things from today

August 26, 2010. 6 comments.

While I'm in danger of sounding like a grumpy old git here are three things that have annoyed me today: 1 - Why do teenagers believe that everybody wants to hear there music on the bus? It's not even like it's ever good music. Most of the time it's Eminem or at least somebody who sounds like him (they all sound they same to me - told you I'd sound old). It's also played through their mobile phones and while the music is rubbish anyway, I'm sure it must sound ten times worse played through a phone. 2 - As well as inflicting their noise on the other passengers, the same louts were swearing. A lot. Now I'm no prude and I do swear. However, I don't swear unnecessarily and I don't swear in front of my kids (or anyone else's kids for that matter). I was with my nearly-nine -year-old and [read on]

Creative Bloke is back!

August 24, 2010. No comments.

Like most creative people I find that the level of creativity I have, or how it flows, is determined by three things: mood, time and environment. My most creative spell came some fifteen years ago. In my twenties, I was happy at work and wasn't constrained by children or a mortgage. I created some great designs for my employer by day and by night would paint or knock out a short story. Maybe even make some progress on that never to be published (but maybe one day...) novel. I had my words published and managed to sell some paintings too. For a number of reasons, my creativity was stunted to a certain degree in the years that followed. Unhappy for the last few years as an employee, I was starting to feel that the level of success I was having at allowing my creativity to seep out through my pores was failing [read on]