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Record Shops

June 30, 2010. No comments.

Today HMV posted pre-tax profits of £74.2m for the year to April 24th - a rise of 18% on the last year. Although it also now owns Waterstones, it is little surprise that the music/DVD store is making money when you consider the alternatives today. Where we used to have Virgin, Our Price, Woolworths and maybe a couple of independent record shops to choose from we now only have HMV and the pitiful range of music that WHSmith stocks. OK, there are a few independents out there but there audience is often so niche that they don't last very long. Of course, the death of the record shop is partly down to buying cheaper on the internet and also to the downloading of music which is cheaper and it's greener but it also reflects the throwaway society in which we live today. One click of a button and the lifeworks of [read on]

Perfect Alternatives #1

June 30, 2010. No comments.

This morning, I received a mailing from the The Garden Centre Group this morning who's Garden Club I'm a member (basically a loyalty scheme for people like me who seem to spend a fortune on plants and gardenalia). It was such a great idea that I had to blog about it straight away, despite already having something else in m y head that I wanted to write which will now have to wait ... The mailing - an A5, 6 pager, printed on a lovely matt paper and utilising great photography - suggests using their garden centres as an alternative to motorway service stations. You can imagine when someone had this eureka moment ... such a simple idea but, provided there's one not too far off your route to your destination, why would you not do it now it's been suggested? The selling points according to the leaflet include:

  • Freshly prepared
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June 24, 2010. No comments.

I was sitting waiting to go into a meeting this morning with a potential new client. On the table in front of me were three little books containing quotes on Love, Spirituality and Creativity. Naturally I picked up the latter and randomly opened it at a page towards the middle where I found the following quote: "When I work to feel good I am seldom satisfied. When I work to be satisfied I often feel good." The reasons for me being in that room, at that time are summed up in that quote. I want to work for that client to satisfy my need to work with people, companies, organisations, charities that I want to and not who other people want me to. And that explains why I have felt so good and so happy since starting Simply Marvellous Creative and why I feel I'm now producing some of the best work of my [read on]


June 21, 2010. No comments.

When I was a kid I dreamed of climbing the steps of Wembley and lifting the FA Cup with the rest of my West Ham team mates behind me - cheering their club captain on as I held it grinning for my loyal supporters to see. I dreamt this, even day dreamed it, for many years despite the fact that I was usually one of the last boys picked in the playground football teams. While the other kids at school obviously felt that I wasn't a great player, I still hoped that one day a talent scout might notice me kicking a tennis ball against a wall and sign me on the spot. As the famous West Ham anthem, I'm forever Blowing Bubbles, states though dreams do fade and die. The famous Wembley steps are no longer there and at nearly forty it's pretty obvious that I will never actually lift [read on]


June 13, 2010. No comments.

Simply Marvellous Creative Ltd is committed to the environment and the community both on a local level and globally. As a business we feel there is much we can do to reduce our effect on the planet to ensure that, in years to come, it is as full of wonder and as enjoyable to live in as it has been for us all. In the following statement we plan to set out our social and environmental responsibilities as we see them. It's not just a green policy (though working in an environmentally friendly way is important to us) but more of a statement of our beliefs about working in an ethical manner and playing our part in our community. Before I begin, it's worth pointing out that this is just the start... there are plenty more things we could do and probably will do in the future. Everything I list here we [read on]