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Big Feelings

May 24, 2010. No comments.

Today I watched Duncan Goodhew give a speech to a group of junior school pupils at the opening of their swimming pool. I was there as a parent of one of the pupils and because I've been involved in the fundraising to keep the pool open. Goodhew, if you aren't familiar with the name, won a gold medal for swimming in the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980. He is also famous for being completely devoid of hair following an accident involving falling from a tree when he was a teenager. He came across as a really great man but the main reason for this post is because I was so impressed by the way he spoke to the children - telling them about his dyslexia, his accident and how they led to his achievements in the pool. He was so motivating and inspirational to me in my thirties - I can only [read on]

New beginnings

May 10, 2010. No comments.

So, after three and a bit weeks preparation, the day is finally here when I can officially launch Simply Marvellous Creative. I am now self employed - well, at least I will be as soon as I tell the tax people later this week. After ten years working for a leading Brighton ad agency, I took an opportunity that was handed to me and decided to go it alone. As well as working for my own clients (of which I have a growing number), I also hope to do some freelance work wherever I can because it's not just the money I need but, after working with the same faces, in the same place for over a quarter of my life, I need to be be inspired by exciting new people. The journey I have taken over the last few weeks has been frantic, exciting and new. I've never had to [read on]