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MyTwitFaceSpace – A quick squint at Social Media

March 30, 2010. No comments.

If you believe everything you read in The Daily Mail or hear on the news, then Social Media is just another craze - something kids use as another means for worrying their parents. But, forget everything you think you know because if you are a musician, actor, author, artist or run a business of any size it is an important tool and one that you would be foolish to ignore. What is Social Media then? According to Wikipedia (an example in itself), Social Media is, "an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio" It's also a phrase that also describes the billions of online conversations happening every day. Conversations because “Social Media is supposed to be a dialogue not a monologue” One report has found that 93% of Social Media users believe a company should have a presence in Social Media [read on]

Websites matter.

March 30, 2010. No comments.

As little as ten years ago, if we wanted to find a company's telephone number you'd have to look it up in the phone book. If you wanted to find out the opening times of your local supermarket, you'd have to look up their number in the phonebook and call them. If you worked during the week but really wanted to buy the latest album by your favourite musician, you'd have to wait until the weekend to buy it. Of course, today, we are spoiled - we have the internet to tell us everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING. We no longer need to find out the phone number of a company because we can check out their website. We can find out if they do the service we require, or stock the item we need without having to speak to anyone. We can complete the online form (remembering that * [read on]

Album Cover Art

March 26, 2010. 4 comments.

When you talk to somebody about there favourite album cover your likely to either get one of about a dozen popular sleeves or something very personal to that individual that most people wouldn't even think about. This was highlighted by a quick straw poll of music-related celebs on Twitter. Out of about 15 asked only two replied but that's neither here nor there for they illustrate my point exactly. DJ Chris Evans chose ELO's Out of the Blue which is a good illustration but very stereotypical of album art at that time and probably chosen over say a Yes sleeve because he prefers the music. Singer, Alice Temple chose The Pretenders eponymous album, Telekon by Gary Numan and Germ Free Adolscents by X-Ray Spex which I suspect mean as much to her musically as they do for their artwork. I've always loved album artwork and it was to design for the music [read on]

Music Time Line.

March 25, 2010. No comments.

As a teenager I was a great music fan and, as I left school for art college, I turned my back on Five Star et al for a rockier, folkier, more acoustic sound. I'd been bought up on a diet of Beatles and folk before discovering Madness and Altered Images. The late 80's was a defining moment in my life, musically and it's not difficult to trace a line back from most of the music I listen to now to a handful of artists I was listening to in 1990. U2 so I was lead to listen to Hothouse Flowers, The Waterboys, Maria McKee, Sinead O'Connor and others that started hanging around Dublin at the time. I started to notice the same names were appearing on the records I was listening to. Liam O'Maonlai, of Hothouse Flowers, was appearing on The Waterboys records and also with an acoustic-pop group called Bliss that [read on]