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… in which our hero takes on the mighty McDonalds

October 27, 2009. No comments.

Just north of the Thames Estuary, before it reaches our glorious capital that lies further west, is an area of Essex called Thurrock. It's about as glamourous as an outbreak of Chicken Pox on school photo day. Lying adjacent are other, equally beautiful blisters like Grays, Tilbury, and Dartford. There are a few reasons why you may wish to visit this area of Essex:

  • You are just passing through
  • You want your hub caps nicked
  • You have a death wish
  • You're shopping
Shopping? Strangely just off the M25 and inches from the Dartford Crossing sit The Lakeside Shopping Centre (a shopping centre that sits beside a lake but it's not as idyllic as it sounds) and the Thurrock Retail Park. On Sunday, it was in the latter that I found myself in, a trip to Ikea was planned - though for reasons to worthless to explain here we didn't make it inside - but a brief lunch [read on]

Alcohol in the UK

October 12, 2009. No comments.

It was amazing to read in the paper yesterday that a woman - I think in Leeds - was refused the purchase of a couple of bottles of wine even though she was in her fifties. Why? Because she had her 17 year old daughter and 18 year old niece with her. So? You may well ask. When the woman tried to make the purchase, along with other groceries I hasten to add, she was asked for ID. Replying that she was flattered but she was the wrong side of fifty, the checkout assistant said it wasn't her ID she wanted but the two girls - how did she know she wasn't buying it for them? The manager and now Morrisons themselves have come forward to defend the member of staff and the actions she took stating that is their policy. It's interesting to read that if the daughter was younger [read on]

Dear client …

October 4, 2009. 2 comments.

Dear client (current or potential), I am a reasonable guy. I'm hardworking, polite, reasonable (financially and in personality) and easy going. I will deliver the job you want as you want it on time. However, if our working relationship is to succeed there are a few things I'd like you to take into account. • I do only have one pair of hands • Although I will work on your job as quickly as I possibly can, I haven't been sitting bored, waiting in anticpation of your call/email. • I am a human. • I respond best when treated like a human. • I have enough trouble getting my kids to say please and thank you but manners are important to me. The occasional please and thank you from you would be greatly appreciated. Or even cheers or ta. • If you send me an email, please don't write the entire message [read on]