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A man’s need to crave something new

September 29, 2009. One comment.

I believe it to be part of the male psyche to crave something so much that we just have to have it. Any other option is just not ... well, there is no other option. We won't give up, the wanting and desire become so extreme that it can actually affect our personality, disrupting sleep and making us become sulky, moody, childlike. Eventually, we'll get whatever it is we had wanted, the interest lasts for a couple of weeks (sometimes more but probably actually less) before boredom sets in and the once desired object is tossed aside and the need for something else takes it's place. For some men, it's women (or maybe men) that they'll covet - chasing someone for days, weeks, months until they get what they want, they keep them for a while, another notch on the bedpost, then boredom and they'll move onto someone new. In my case, my [read on]